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Latest movies filmed in London

London posses beauty of its own kind from natural beauty to amazing architectures. Due to architecture and scenic beauty London has been used for filming very frequently for all types of films historical, sci-fi, spy thrillers, romantic, comedies & several other kinds of genre. Latest movies filmed in London are:  Latest movies filmed in London London is […]

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5 Famous Actresses from London

London is hub of talent and you will find big names of world born in London. Media industry in UK is one of well known  all over the world. 5 Famous Actresses from London who are known for their talent and infinite contribution to media by delivering excellent quality work and proving themselves by winning […]

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Game of Thrones Wall 3D Art London

Another interesting update about upcoming release of Game of Thrones. Famous HBO serial ‘Game of Thrones’ showing it’s another sign in Great Britain after King’s Landing. Another promotional activity of serial is shown by installing 3D art showing Game of Thrones wall 3D art London.  London – the capital; is showing one more publicity signal of Game of […]

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United Kingdom connection with Game of Thrones

Wondering what is United Kingdom connection with Game of Thrones? Have you heard about Hertfordshire town of Kings Langley? It is about 28.6 miles away from the heart of Great Britain – London. Kings Langley was unknown town in Hertfordshire, county of UK. Kings Langley will change its name to ‘King’s Landing  – Capital of Seven Kingdoms‘ […]

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