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Hot List of London Wedding Photographers

Wedding blues? Hunting the right services? Exploring the best options for your big day? Exhausted? I completely understand your frustration that’s why doing some work for you because I know your wedding is one of the most special days in your life. It is the culminate of your dreams. If there is one day in […]

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Mothers Day – London

In the darkest hour only light you will find is your Mother. Mothers spend their lives to nurture their kids since they born and they deserve to be honored for it all through the youth of their kids. Mothers all over the world are honored for dedicating their youthful time to their little ones and […]

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South African Elections 2014 in London

Minute-by-minute updates of South African General Elections 2014 in London are flooding the social media feeds and it is constantly seen over the papers. Making it impossible not to talk about what happen in London for African elections. But instead of fighting the media frenzy, I have chosen to embrace it with a staycation right […]

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