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Game of Thrones Go Royal Officially

Game of Thrones gone Royal officially after unusual visit of Queen Elizabeth to Game of Thrones set in Belfast unexpected surprise for Game of Thrones lovers. Belfast studio is where Game of Thrones was filmed throughout four season and will be used for upcoming fifth season too. This is not it today Game of Thrones go Royal Officially when theme of Game of Thrones was played while guard changing ceremony at Buckingham Palace which is one of most visited place by tourists

Game of Thrones Go Royal Officially

Buckingham Palace

Game of Thrones Go Royal Officially

Earlier we saw many signs of Game of Thrones in London including Game of Thrones wall 3D art and name changing of Kings Langley to King’s Landing  – Capital of Seven Kingdoms‘  That’t not it but today during the changing of Royal guards at Buckingham Palace the guards surprised the crowd by playing the theme song of Game of Thrones. Guard changing ceremony started with routine drums before proceeding to Game of Thrones theme. Theme is played by Irish guards and blasted out a live performance to treat the tourists.


There are mixed reactions of people about the performance. Mostly Britishers are not appreciating the unusual performance because Royals are icons of true British Culture and they are preserving it for more than 200 years old but playing of theme of fictional serial at Buckingham Palace is not much appreciated. On the other hand lovers of Game of Thrones are delighted for the performance at Royal Palace.

What do you think about it?

1. Royals should stay icon of their culture and preserve more than 200 years old culture

2. Royals should modernize and opt what is currently famous among the people

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